July 21st, 2006


The quietest (and hottest) club in the world

If you're in Berlin this weekend, come and see a Momus performance Saturday in the courtyard garden of Kunst-Werke, the institute for contemporary art at Auguststr. 69 in Mitte. (Although it's an art gallery, this is a music performance. But it's arty music, naturally!)

22nd July
5pm to 10pm in the Kunst-Werke courtyard
Der Leiseste Club der Welt presents:

LUPO (Acoustic-Interface, Berlin)
MOMUS (Cherry Red / Creation Rec. / Analog Baroque / American Patchwork, Berlin)
Thaddi Herrmann (City-Center-Offices / Büro / de:bug, Berlin)

My performance runs from 7pm to 8pm. If you get there between 5pm and 7pm, entrance is €5, which also allows you to see the art shows in the building. They stay open until 7pm. The main show is a big retrospective of General Idea, the conceptual gay activist collective. (I haven't seen it myself yet, shall be getting there early.) If you get there after 7pm, it's just €3.

Kunst-Werke is Berlin's PS1, and the Open Air Music Programme resembles PS1's summer courtyard music events. It runs every Saturday from July 15 to August 12, 2006, 5 - 10 pm. Here's the blurb for tomorrow's event:

"The idea for Der Leiseste Club der Welt (The Quietest Club in the World) was born in 1995 when people decided to organise events for their friends as an alternative to the established weekend clubs. Since 2000 Der Leiseste Club has hosted events in disused warehouses, waterworks and similar venues. Though Der Leiseste Club ceased its activities as an organiser of regular non-commercial events in autumn 2004, its services are still available on request.

5 - 7 pm:
LUPO | acoustic-interface[.de] (Der Leiseste Club Der Welt)
(co-founder of Der Leiseste Club Der Welt, works with found sounds from the everyday digital world)
Further information:

7 - 8 pm:
*MOMUS* [cherry red/ creation rec. / analog baroque/ american patchwork]
(Momus is a songwriter, blogger and journalist. For more than twenty years he has been releasing hyper-literate, quirky pop songs on labels in Britain, America, and Japan, building up a personal world dominated by values like diversity, orientalism, and a respect for otherness. His lyrics are often darkly humorous, with descriptions of sexual fantasies and futuristic societies, reflecting the artist's sophisticated wit and carefully constructed persona. In 2006 he was a featured artist in the Whitney Biennial in New York City, serving as an "unreliable tour guide" to visitors of the exhibition.)
Further information:

8 - 10 pm:
Thaddi Herrmann (City-Centre-Offices / De-Bug)
(Editor of the German music magazine "de:bug", label manager of "city centre offices" and musician with "herrmann & kleine")
Further information:

The films Oriental I and II by Mona Jas will be screened in a parallel event.
Oriental I and II consist of Hi8 films and contact prints made in Istanbul more than ten years ago. The pictures open up a perspective on the spaces in this complex and ever-changing city and on the people in it, though what they show no longer exists in this form. The visual material is combined and recombined in twelve instalments of 8 minutes each, with an overall running time of 96 minutes each for film and photographs. The sequence of images is timed in such a way that viewers will only have seen the visual material in its entirety after the twelfth, final instalment.

Mona Jas, born 1963 in Rheden/Netherlands. 1989-94 Studied fine arts at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin. 1995 Joined the master class of Professor Katharina Sieverding. Lives and works in Berlin.

Mona Jas works with sound and moving pictures from various sources. She conducts interviews and experiments with film and photography, often using audiovisual ready-mades - sounds and images she comes across on the web, scenes from television and home videos. Her focus is the question of individual identity: memory, perception and language all shape, consolidate and alter identity. Her works address these issues from various perspectives.
Oriental I and II,96 min each, Berlin 2006
Further information:

Courtyard of KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststr. 69, Berlin-Mitte. In case of bad weather, the events will take place in the project room of KW and at Café Bravo."

Bad weather? We should be so lucky!