July 28th, 2006


So shoot me

Last week I got shot. Let me clarify. Last week I got photographed for Street, a magazine from Shoichi Aoki's stable of grassroots fashion publications comprising three titles: FRUiTS, Street and Tune. These mags, almost entirely ad and editorial free, are dedicated to full-page non-styled verité shots of people on the street, wearing outfits they've put together themselves. FRUiTS and Tune focus on Japan, whereas Street wanders the globe in search of interesting-looking characters.

The photographer was Fumi Nagasaka, a Japanese woman who lives in Brooklyn and, the day we met, sported a Glass Spider Tour t-shirt and bleached eyebrows. I ran into her while showing Fumiko Imano around Mitte, and we all went on a café crawl, trying (and failing) to find one with air conditioning (this has been Berlin's hottest July since records began).

Who knows if the picture will run -- five years ago, Street scouts in New York photographed me twice the same day, in different parts of the Lower East Side, but in the end neither photo ran in the magazine. Here are some of the folks who do run, from the Street magazine site (which puts thumbnails of the whole magazine online):

In the context of the war currently raging in the Middle East -- and through these pages -- it's impossible not to look at these pictures and think "Wow, there are people in the world who aren't firing mortar shells at each other! How entirely admirable!"