July 30th, 2006


Fresh milk

The new Momus album, Ocky Milk, will be released in the UK (Analog Baroque / Cherry Red) and the US (American Patchwork / Darla) in September. Here's the first glimpse of the finished sleeve artwork, designed by James Goggin (the man who makes The Wire magazine look the way it does), assisted by Julie Kim. This is the UK sleeve, which is a digipak. The US sleeve is a jewelbox. The cover star is Kajsa Stahl from Åbäke.

As you can see, the sleeve has come on a bit from the preliminary sketches made back in March. The colours, though, remain the same. The CD itself is coloured warm cherry blossom pink, Pantone 811c, a bit like this.

Yes, that is His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie inside. Why? Well, there's a song on the album which pictures devout rastafarian reggae pioneer Count Ossie in China. Also, I like how Haile Selassie looks in his crown. He's certainly not part of the global monoculture, is he? No Nike swashes or Adidas stripes on him.

Last time, James and I decided to put design critic Reyner Banham behind the CD. He was the bearded fellow riding a Moulton bike, and a hero to both of us. This time, it's the Emperor (read about his autocratic, delusional life in Rysard Kapuscinski's book The Emperor), but it could just as well have been Italian designer Bruno Munari, who inspired the front cover image.

You can read the press release for the record (and even place an early order) on the Darla site. UK orders will be possible shortly through the Cherry Red site. And of course the record will be available in fine stores near you. If there are any.