September 1st, 2006


Yokoland just got bigger

Although I seem to be writing more and more journalism these days, I've never had a cover feature. Until today. I've just found out that the article I wrote about Norwegian design team Yokoland has run as the cover feature in the new ID magazine.

This chuffs me to the very bollocks, for various reasons. First of all, I'm delighted for Yokoland themselves. Espen and Aslak are just 25; they only graduated from college two years ago. It's great for them. Secondly, because it's an "emerging talent" theme issue, and spotting "barely legal" emerging talent is something I love to do. I'm never happier than when running round art school degree shows. Thirdly, because this feature is one I suggested myself. ID editor Julie Lasky simply commissioned me to write about some young designers. I came up with Yokoland, and she liked the idea and went with it.

And, finally, because these designers come from a part of the world the Anglo press doesn't often cover, and incarnate values I'd like to see disseminated a bit more widely through the Anglo design world. In Yokoland's case, those values are all tied up with playfulness and a slightly retro-1970s aesthetic. I don't want to go into my "politics of texture" thing all over again here, but I think Yokoland's work is politically-texturally... well, right on, actually. If "Yokoland" is an imaginary republic of sorts, a place of trees and games, well, it just got slightly more real. This cover may attract a few settlers. And, as art directors commission them, other places may start to look slightly more Yokolandish. Best of all, the boys may now be able to pay the rent on their office in the world's most expensive city.

You can read the feature online here.