November 1st, 2006


Nod Currie, hidden hero

On Tuesday the Berlin newspaper known affectionately as Taz, and technically as Die Tageszeitung, carried a feature on me by Timo Feldhaus. For some reason, this article reads wonderfully when fed through web translation software. Rendered thus, it's entitled "Intermediate human being on indication journey" and the first sentence is "Nod Currie is the hidden hero of Berlin".

According to Google, the intro reads: "Because of it already half Minnesota wants to pull: The English musician nod Currie alias Momus writes in his Web log with appropriate Versponnenheit over the life in Berlin". I asked the waitress in Ringo, my local café, what Versponnenheit meant and she said "Like a crazy person... but without the negative implication... Eccentricity". The bit about Minnesota is explained later: rather than making Minneapolis / St Paul residents want to attract sexual partners, I am apparently luring them to Berlin: "Because of its Blog entries already half Minnesota wants to move to Berlin."

The article concentrates on Momus as "self-facilitating media node": "Momus is not famous... But one is it once meets, begins the reference roundabout to rotate, and he is suddenly everywhere. That can happen to places medialen on in genuine Berlin, faster however, how that offers Internet her." I think what Google is trying to say here is that Momus is something of a googlestar. Interesting, because Pascal Meuwissen's feature for Currency 3 begins the same way. Editor Sico Carlier introduces the feature:

"Spotted 1: An interesting glimpse of Momus in the year 2000. I had done a curatorial crossing for Devon Dikeou's zingmagazine in New York and she threw an open bar-party for the occasion at the SoHo Grand. Not crowding at that bar but elegantly occupying a booth Momus was present with an entourage of three females of oriental origin. Spotted 2: A few years later a short film I had done was showing at a festival in Berlin, it was dreadfully cold and gloomy in that city and the opening was a near nightmare with loud Bruce Naumanesque videoworks dominating, Momus discreetly showed up for that vernissage, the eye-patch, another flock of girls, all bundled up in winter coats this time. Who was this guy who seemed to have adopted something like a queer insatiable promiscuous lifestyle I wondered, le roi du partouze?"

French-speakers amongst you (or google language toolers) will know that le roi du partouze means "king of the orgy". Here, though, the phrase takes on a queer connotation, recalling the theory that being into Asian women is the last hetero stop before arriving at full homosexuality. Well, a nod is as good as a wink... or do I mean "a node is better than a wank"?