November 10th, 2006


Who's been damned, what's been planted?

* New Japanese magazine Planted is about "life with plants on this planet".

* DAMn is a relatively new -- and very interesting -- magazine from Belgium about design, art and architecture. I like the fact that it has a drawn cover, like Relax used to.

* "Bamboo Pop" by 80s idols like Tomoyo Harada and Chisato Moritaka is nice to watch on YouTube.

* In America, both houses are now controlled by the Democrats and Donald Rumsfeld has resigned, thus marking a definitive end to "The Project for a New American Century". Like Hitler's "Thousand Year Reich", it didn't last more than five years or so.

As a gardening magazine might put it, always check the seed packet; your mighty oak tree might be a bonsai.