November 14th, 2006


When you were my pervert octopus, and I was your sex sailor

Yesterday I mentioned, in passing, "the great Toshio Saeki" as a possible influence on Tabaimo. He's certainly influenced Makoto Aida... unless there's just something in the Japanese water supply that makes everyone an incredibly imaginative pervert.

Since Saeki's work is all about fantasy, I thought I'd enter into his grotesque game by giving firsthand accounts of some of his images, as if I -- and you -- were there. Click the thumbnails to see bigger versions of the scenes described... if you dare.

You're a nun on a pilgrimage. In a strange landscape of impossibly pointy mountains, lit by a red moon, you're ambushed by three ne'er-do-wells; a monkey, a bald monk, and a pig. While the monk holds down your head with his knee, the pig (fanged and slavering) licks your exposed genitals. The monkey, for reasons best known to himself, licks his own cane.

As our son crouches in the corridor, peeping, I try to satisfy you on our marital futon with the tongue and fingers I have. It's hard work, though, because you have three demented, insatiable heads -- two on your shoulders and one sprouting out of your sex.

Pretty in your blue nightie, with matching blue panties around your ankles, you rub and ride on a hairy -- well, what, exactly? A hairy-spined nightmare maggot with an old man's face and blood coming out of its nose and mouth. Which apparently eats fish and lives in a cage nearby, where it sheds rather a lot of hair.

While a malevolent clown watches from behind a curtain, you sit with spread legs while an implacable elephant inserts its trunk tentatively into your shaved sex. Not many people know what goes on behind the scenes at the circus.

You've been washed up on the shore, a sort of mermaid. But instead of a fish tail, your lower half waves and squirms with eight pink sucker-cupped legs. It's hard to know just where to put one's penis. Trial and error, my love.

We knew the exorcism had been a success when the angry raccoon which had been living inside you for three weeks suddenly emerged from your sex, breathing purple smoke. Our only concern, as we whipped him out, was that his tail was still wagging between your breasts.

More Toshio Saeki images on the man's own website, or here. Multimedia here.