December 14th, 2006


Voyager and Valerie Dore

I'm preparing a new batch of live shows just now, which means making new backing tracks of songs I don't often perform, songs from former incarnations of Momus which nevertheless might fit a set of the new material. Over the last 24 hours I've been working on a new version of Voyager, the title track from my 1992 album. Here it is, in a version with vocals. The spacecraft it celebrates is still travelling endlessly, still operational, "making it NASA's longest-lasting mission". A bit like Momus, really.

Voyager 2006 (4.5MB stereo mp3 file, 4mins 55secs)

And here's another song I like, a song I first heard standing with my friend Davide in a coffee shop in Venice last year. It's "Get Closer", the 1985 Italodisco hit by Valerie Dore.

Get Closer

In fact, I recorded it the very first time I heard it, just so I could track the song down. The result is a rather lovely field-recording full of Italian conversation, with the radio playing in the background. Italodisco in context!

Wikipedia on Valerie Dore: "Dora Carofiglio (born May 28, 1962 in Monaco) was a popular Italian disco singer during the 1980s. She made records under the stage name Valerie Dore and had several hit singles including "The Night", "Get Closer", and "It's So Easy" which were released on ZYX Music. She was also lead vocalist of the disco band Novecento. Later, the Valerie Dore name was used by singers Monica Stucchi, and Simona Zanini on the album "The Legend" (released 1986, EMI), which dealt with King Arthur and related tales. Zanini also sang in Radiorama and Doctor's Cat."

The Valerie Dore song about King Arthur is terrible. But wait, isn't Wikipedia telling us that that was a different Valerie Dore? Italodisco is a bit like Morning Musume; the faces keep changing even if the name remains the same. Confusing.