December 17th, 2006


Postcard from Madrid

A quick postcard from Madrid, where I'm currently breakfasting groggily after a rather riotous Momus / Curly Carl show last night.

Yesterday Hisae and I packed a lot into our free hours. A visit to a covered market, a reverent glimpse of a nativity scene, a walk through the immigrant area Barrio de Embassadores with its wholesale bead and poncho shops, a long look around the excellent Casa Encendida, an arts centre which seems to be Madrid's answer to the Palais de Tokyo, and which was featuring shows about John Cage and recycling (link not intended, I think) then lunch at the very flash Museo Reina Sofia, a tour around a Spanish architecture show in the Botanical Gardens, a trip out to National Radio where I did a one-hour live interview, an interview with The Wire (well, actually, an interview someone is hoping to pitch to The Wire, good luck!) then the show. No wonder I'm a bit groggy this morning.

Oh, the radio interviewer, having read my Friday blog entry, asked whether I'd characterize Spanish culture live on air in a couple of words. I picked "vehement" (based mostly on the taxi in from the airport) and "digital-Islamic" (based on the beautiful poster, influenced by Moorish tile design, for the achitecture show).