February 8th, 2007


What's good?

What's good is that not only is my computer twice as big and bright this week, but so too is my favourite visual culture bookstore, ProQM, which just moved to much more lucid headquarters on Almstadtstraße, just two streets east of its old location.

What's good at ProQM is leafing through Takashi Homma's delightful photobook Tokyo and My Daughter (Nieves), or flipping through Kaugummi magazine.

What's good on the web rather than in a real place are blogs which are art pieces in their own right.

Alin Huma's journal is terrific. It makes me think two things. One, I want to buy a better digital camera and get more serious about my photography. Two, when Alin and I exchange apartments later this year (Hisae and I will spend May in his Ginza pad, he'll spend the month at our Berlin place with his partner and child) I really want Alin to meet Lina Kunimoto, our neighbour who works for Die Gestalten Verlag, because I think DGV should publish a book of Alin's work.

What's good is also Stanley Lieber's LiveJournal, which curates other people's Flickr photographs with extreme panache. I love Stanley (whose name isn't Stanley)'s eye for stripes, bubbles, stitching and colour.

What's good is this thoroughly-researched blog entry about my song Nervous Heartbeat, relating it to the work of Teresa Teng.

What's good is Steve Jobs' new campaign to get the music industry to abandon DRM-protected music files. What's bad is that the iTunes Store version of my Ocky Milk album apparently cuts off the song The Birdcatcher half way through. What's good is that I'm today giving away an mp3 of the song so that you can replace the damaged file:

Momus: The Birdcatcher

What's good is that my friend Suzy arrives from London later today for a weekend in Berlin, and will be able to catch me live at the Field Recordings Festival on Friday night as well as come along to the Yoshitomo Nara + graf opening happening between 6pm and 8pm on Saturday evening at Galerie Zink in Kreuzberg.