February 27th, 2007


Fireside Chat 1: Fuck Forever

Somewhat inspired by the vlogging of Jordan Fish -- and the fact that I've just discovered how to capture video from my built-in iSight camera using Apple's QuickTime Broadcaster -- I'd like to present the first in a series of video "fireside chats". Sitting in front of an electronic fire -- the sad and ironic fate of my television set -- I ramble here on the subject of "Fuck Forever" by Babyshambles.

(Actually, this is just a placeholder video -- it takes forever to load from my own server. I'll embed a Google Video here instead soon.)

The "Fuck Forever" video is provided below as a study resource -- you'll be instructed to pause the fireside chat and watch it half way through. You can find the Shoreditch secret gig referred to in the chat here.

I'm not sure why I chose punk rock as the topic for my first fireside chat. Maybe it has something to do with my new Wired News column, Let Robots Sweat the Boring Stuff, in which (aided by our Waiters and Bad Faith discussion last week) I advance the opinion that "British people are spectacularly bad at services -- shining examples of Sartrean sincerity and authenticity, they're unlikely to wish you a great day if they aren't having one themselves. The sooner these grumpy, reluctant, inefficient people are replaced by robots, some might say, the better. (Unemployed, the British can go off and do something usefully authentic and human, like inventing some new kind of punk rock.)"