January 4th, 2008


A handsome fellow on a grocer's bicycle in Copenhagen

I have two shows -- Momus music concerts -- coming up at the end of January, beginning of February. There's a show in Utrecht, Holland on Saturday January 26th (Kikker Theatre, Kleine zaal, €8, 9pm, reservations) and a show in Lund, Sweden on February 1st (Indigo@Blekingska nationen, 10pm). That means I'll be missing both digital kulturfest the Transmediale and Berlin Fashion Week. But I have a consolation, at least for missing fashion week: on the way to Sweden I'll be spending time in Copenhagen -- one of the few European cities I've actually never been to -- and Copenhagen is home to one of the few fashion designers I like: Henrik Vibskov.

I'm not really much of a fashionista; I like the street fashion stuff people put together for themselves, especially in Japan. I'm distantly interested in nu-ugly nu-ravewear's toxic optimism, and I like the work of certain friends -- Hikaru Furuhashi's Neckarves (she gave me a Nickarf Neckarf when I was in New York), for example. But it's pretty rare for me to like a "designer". If I had to name some I like I'd probably mention Cosmic Wonder, Makin Jan Ma of Jan Family, Bless... and, recently, Henrik Vibskov. I actually covet his €320 Helsinki Blanket, a sort of acid-Aztec poncho hanging on the rail at Berlin's Best Shop.

Henrik Vibskov -- like Makin Jan Ma, and like my girlfriend -- is a graduate of St Martin's in London. He's 34 now, and rides an excellent grocer's bicycle (I almost bought one like that, but it was as expensive as the Helsinki Blanket!) around Copenhagen, where he has a workshop and shop. He's a handsome fellow and he makes handsome clothes. Some of the scarves in his Men's Spring / Summer 2008 collection Fantabulous Bicycle Music Factory look a bit like Hikaru's neckarves!

I'll need to play a few more concerts before I can afford €320 for a Helsinki Blanket. So I'll probably just buy a garish secondhand tramp blanket for €2, hang it up in the garden to get rid of the sour smell, then pretend it's a Henrik Vibskov. But I'd like to thank the handsome grocery bicyclist of Copenhagen for being an inspiration.