January 21st, 2008


Lovefoxxx: Inca-Lycra queen of the 00s

Rainbows, stripes, gold lamé, animal prints, nu-rave, new wave, thrift leotards stretched over generous curves, all-over face paint, mid-song costume changes, clouds, toilet seats, scrawled thunderbolt letters on arms and legs, yellow nail varnish, stagediving, drawn-on specs, Inca zig zags, black metal, lycra, sexxx appeal, death from above, shopping on the road...

Does anyone now doubt it? Luísa Hanaê Matsushita -- the carnal carnie and one-woman carnival float familiar to millions as Lovefoxxx -- is this decade's key dresser, standing to the wilder, hipper, wider, hippier side of the noughties as Björk Guðmundsdóttir did to the nineties. Quite frankly, nobody does it better because nobody else, this decade, has really been trying. Let it be entered in the annals of style in gold-ink roller biro -- this may not be what we looked like in 2008 (we didn't really dare!), but it's how we'll be remembered and revived.