January 22nd, 2008


Adelaïde: flashdance frenchypops in dub

A musical confection for you today; here's a dubby remix I've just made of a duet Kumisolo and I recorded for a forthcoming Tsunami Addiction compilation.

Kumi's version (bits of which you can hear in my remix) is more poppy and beaty. The scratch video is an extension of the screengrab motion experiments I made with my Thatness and Thereness video. The jittery "flashdance" scratch effect is a result of glitches / imperfections in the YouTube timeline scrollbar in stop mode (whereas the Thatness video used stopframe rollerball quirks in Quicktime).

The song is a cover of Arnold Turboust & Zabou's 1986 hit "Adelaïde", and the original video is rather wonderful, featuring unrequited lust in a libertine stagecoach:

Arnold Turboust wrote "Adelaïde" with Benjamin Minimum. It was his only hit as a solo artist (it galloped through the French Top 50 for several weeks in 1986), but he later found more success writing and arranging hits for Etienne Daho. Zabou (Zabou Breitman) is an actress.

And here, for those who prefer their music without warped and pirated amateur Hong Kong YouTube dance videos attached, is an mp3 of the dub:

Adelaïde (Stereo mp3 file, 4MB, 4mins 21secs)

The debut album from Kumisolo will be released later this year on Active Suspension. It contains another Momus / Kumi collaboration in the form of a song called "Confiance Absolue" (with music by Kumi Okamoto and French lyrics by Momus). Meanwhile, Kumi continues as one third of The Konki Duet.