January 30th, 2008


Mizutani Cable Knit Corporation

Me: Wow, is that what you've been knitting all this time?

Hisae: Yes, it's a woolen cable cover.

Me: It's good, I like the colours! And I always like that combination of folksy and tech styles. Like when Bless did their N°26 Cable Jewellery thing, "to transform undesired appendixes into desirable objects". And does it stop the rabbit biting your power cable?

Hisae: Yes, it does.

Me: We need a lot more of those! For the rabbit's sake and ours. Hey, you should sell them online! Why not?

Hisae: Yes, I was thinking of doing that. I spoke to Naoko and she said I should charge €90 for each one.

Me: Wow, €90!

Hisae: It sounds a lot, I know, but each one takes a week for me to knit.

Me: I think €50 sounds reasonable. The euro's pretty strong just now. That's about $75, you know. How about €50 including postage? I could announce it on Click Opera and people could pay via my Paypal account! Do you want to try?

Hisae: Okay!

Me: Okay, I'll do it tomorrow. People can order them by sending me a mail and telling me how long the cable to be covered is. Let's shoot some pictures!

Hisae: I already shot some, I'll mail them to you. What shall we call the operation? I want a good name.

Me: Hmm... Psychedelic Python? Rainbow Power? Mizutani Cable Knit Corporation?