March 7th, 2008


Show me you, in a human information photograph!

We're ASCII/QWERTY characters on a computerized network. We're opinions. We're links. We're theories and narrative and arguments, we're words, words, words. It passes the time. It's legible. But we're also faces and bodies, we're visible, and sometimes that interesting fact gets forgotten. Sometimes, here in "the wilderness of opinion", that might be rather interesting to see.

So today I want to ask you to do something very simple and obvious. So simple and obvious, in fact, that I've never thought of doing it in four years of blogging. I just want you to post a photograph of yourself, one that shows what you look like, something bigger and more literal than your icon. Show me you, in a human information photograph, down in the comments section. You don't need to say much, just appear, be visual, be here.

Here's me, but you probably know what I look like by now. I certainly do. The interesting bit, for me, is you. The interesting bit begins below. Let's become a visible crowd, a vertical crowd. Let's make an unmasked ball of sorts. Hello!