April 5th, 2008


The joy of chastening, charming

This is a podcast about a podcast, a voice on a voice, criticism about criticism. It's my response to Guardian art critic Adrian Searle's recent series of podcasts, my investigation into his investigations, my whisperings about his whisperings, and what it is about his voice that makes me want to link Searle to David Toop and a certain late, laidback television landscape painter.

The joy of podcasting (stereo mp3 file, 15.1MB, 16 mins 26 secs)

My little talk is a reflection on the grain of the voice, and what happens when people seduce and repel at the same time "as a sort of strategy". I'm rather fascinated by jobs which require you both to chasten and charm, and I'm intrigued when people who usually do one start doing the other.