April 13th, 2008


New Joemus album announced!

Life would be no fun without contrasts, which is why I think a mega-trad Momus album of early 1950s-style torch ballads would be all the more intriguing if the slowies were mixed in with the digital beats mayhem of a splattercore master like, oh, perhaps Joe Howe from Glasgow's Gay Against You. That way you'd have the trad and the avant on one record; traditional expressivity together with radical formal experimentation. Big ballads and mad beats. The best of pop, in other words.

As it happens, Joe is readying a new Germlin album (that's his solo project) just now -- you can hear tracks on his MySpace page -- and last week he asked me to supply vocals for an 8-bit glam stomper teetering on the precipice of insanity. I came back with a Scottish nursery rhyme chant and a new mid-section sung by some kind of deranged Anthony Newley character locked in a planetarium. This is what it sounds like:

After Joe's album Thrash'r comes out on ADAADAT, he'll be working -- in Berlin and Glasgow -- on the new Momus album (or do we call it Joemus?) with me. I think you can get a good feel of the record's contrasts if I put the Cliff cover I did last week next to the new Germlin track:

All we need now is for Gay Against You to announce they're producing Sir Cliff Richard's next album.