May 7th, 2008


Widow Twanky

I ain't blogging today because I'm recording very intensely for the "Joemus" album and writing my next New York Times piece.

Joe Howe is a fucking genius, man, he sits in Glasgow sending me, pretty much every day, completely amazing stuff that sounds like Guernica jamming with unicorns and colour television masts up on the moors. I then sing songs on top of it. I'm also working on my own stuff, and today made a song I really love.

The song's called Widow Twanky (seen here in a rather natty early 20th century version) and I sing it super-electro-falsetto. It's a 50s-style ballad about a man ditched by his girlfriend, who internalizes her in order not to lose her, and becomes a female impersonator. Anyway, back to work...