May 13th, 2008


Summer looks

May is a month of sensuality, a month in which we schlepp around ideally hot, sunny streets in the year's first flip flops (scrubbed of last summer's dust), casually displaying our slightly neglected winter bodies. Later in the summer we'll have tans, and grow accustomed to the tans of others, and be much more casually embodied.

But for now there's still a glancing winter whiteness to our bodies -- they've been hidden from the ultraviolet rays for so long. There's a seasonal self-consciousness and a prurient curiosity to our interest in the newly-revealed flesh of others. Girls have bare legs, and sit on the ground cross-legged showing the tops of their panties over the hem of their trousers. Boys sport a visible mokori bulge. Breasts are suddenly massively -- or slightly -- present. Bums are wrapped in saris or hidden in a salwar kameez.

So this is my truth, show me yours. I am wearing a straw hat, chest-revealing shirt, wristbands to match my pink eyepatch, cheap sports pants and flip flops. I am remembering, and connected to, summers past. How are you dressed this season? How are you celebrating the relaxed, stripped-down sensuality of "the May" -- and the return to public scrutiny of your body, cocooned all winter in layers of fibre?

Photographs please.