May 17th, 2008


My recent cultural scrawlings

If Click Opera is a little slimmer and trimmer these days (what, a trip to London without a 20,000 word jeremiad about how horrible the city is? Nick, you're slipping!), it's because I'm writing a book, recording an album, traveling, and covering topics I might once have covered here in other venues, for money. Here's a round-up of three articles that appeared elsewhere online this week. Click each picture to read the whole article.

My Post-Materialist column in the Times talked this week about Naoko Ogigami's new film Megane (Glasses), Ku-nel magazine and the culinary end of LOHAS culture.

For the AIGA Voice I covered a "parasitical textiles workshop" organised here in Berlin by designer Rüdiger Schlömer, a very interesting man indeed.

The previous week's Moment slot covered the rise in interest in high density living, tying it into the recent mayoral contest in London and some Richard Florida research about links between high density and creativity.

Talking of high density residential structures, I'm excited to get a chance to go tonight to an art event held in the only Le Corbusier building we have in Berlin, the Berlin Unité d’Habitation. Susanne M. Winterling will project a film in the lobby at 8pm. It's part of the Berlin Biennial. Then tomorrow I'll catch the last day of the Ettore Sottsass show at the Schinkel Pavillon. Here's my tribute to "the pope of postmodernism" on the occasion of his death, aged 90, back in January.