June 3rd, 2008


Omelette, cheap gifts and virtuous fashion

Hisae and I spent last week apart, in body if not in spirit; while she was eating okonomiyaki at Mr Young Men in Kyoto, I was eating the same pancake omelette dish at Kuishimbo in Vienna (and very nice it was too).

Hisae brought back some sencha (the powdery kind they serve in sushi restaurants), a copy of Ku:nel (our favourite Japanese magazine and -- like okonomiyaki -- unavailable in Berlin), some fresh cotton tenuguis and a t-shirt by Downtown comedian Matsumoto celebrating ordinary old people.

Here are a couple of the Ku:nel fashion pages. I'd call this "postmaterialist style" dressing.

There's nothing sexier, for me, than someone who looks like a nice and a good person, as this girl does; as usual, I can't separate the aesthetic from the ethical.

The off-register floral housecoat Hisae is wearing in the top photo is my gift to her from Vienna. It's cute because it makes her look very hardworking -- virtuous fashion again?

More snaps at Flickr.