June 26th, 2008


Tokyorers in Berlin

At the risk of offending the pedant who took exception to my New York Times use of the term "Mujirers" for lovers of Muji, Berlin this week has been invaded by "Tokyorers": Digiki, Alin Huma, Shane Lester and Maki all hit town at the same time, partying and cross-dressing (courtesty Humana and various berufskleidung outlets) with longterm Berlin Tokyorers like Momus, Hisae, Kyoka and Sae.

One topic of conversation that came up amongst the Western Tokyorer boys was whether we're entirely nipposexual. Digiki answered with a firm no: "European women are amazing," he raved.

Looking at the gorgeous Lou Doillon, daughter of Jane Birkin and film director Jacques Doillon, you can't help agreeing: she's Patti Smith and Liza Minelli and, well, Jane Birkin all rolled into one. Her Cocorosie impersonation isn't bad, either.