July 27th, 2008


Glasgow show tonight

A wee reminder that if you're in Glasgow, Scotland you can see a double bill tonight at Stereo featuring Momus and Germlin.

It's a smidgen pricey at ten pounds a head, but a wonderful night is guaranteed in one of Glasgow's best live venues (with an excellent restaurant on the ground floor). First Germlin will play a set from his new THRASHR album, then the 48 year-old will join the 24 year-old onstage and they'll perform 20 minutes of their collaborative JOEMUS album, due in the fall. After that Momus will snap into his retro-revue format and perform one song from each of his 18 studio albums. Early indications are that various members of legendary Glasgow bands like BMX Bandits, The Pastels, Belle and Sebastian and even perhaps Del Amitri will be in the audience, mingling with the young Germlin generation, so it's likely to be a rare meeting of Scotland's musical tribes, generations and genres. I'll raise a dram to that, damn it!