August 25th, 2008


Joemus font challenge!

The JOEMUS as slab boys! appeal here on Click Opera ten days ago got some really good responses. In the end we decided to go with a young artist, Stefan Sadler of Famicon Collective. As tends to be the way with these things, the original idea of making a John Byrne pastiche has been replaced by something much more interesting. Here's an early, rough (and delightfully gay-looking!) sketch Stefan's come up with:

The odd splash lettering (I picked the words at random, but apparently "coniglio sacca" means "rabbit bag"!) is my work. Basically -- and this brings me to today's appeal / challenge -- I saw some hand-drawn signs in a restaurant window in Trento last week that I really liked, both for the letter forms themselves and for the form of the paper they were on:

Now, since I know Click Opera is read by some extremely talented graphic designers, I wondered if someone could make a font of this lettering, or something derived from it? Ideally the font would be called Joemus, and would be made specifically for the Joemus album (which I've decided is just going to be called "Momus: Joemus"). There would be a bold face for the front lettering and a light face for use on the back -- something the song titles and credits could be set in.

You could retain copyright on your own font and distribute it however you liked, but you'd make it available to us for use on the album. You'd be free to interpret, alter, clean up, mess up, or change the letter forms. I think we need caps only, and numbers. Ultimately, I suppose there could be only one Joemus font (well, two: Joemus Bold and Joemus Light), so we'd have to decide in the comments section -- within the next 24 hours, basically -- who was officially doing it. If you're interested, point us in the direction of fonts you've designed. In fact, do that even if you're not interested, because we're interested!