November 16th, 2008


Demos podcast: Samizdat

I've already posted two podcasts of old demos, Amazing Blonde Women and The Golden Age of Television. Now here comes a third in the occasional series:

Samizdat (stereo mp3 file, 62MB, 68 mins 55 secs)


Righthand Heart
Ballad of the Barrel-Organist
Shaftesbury Avenue
Amongst Women Only
The Girl Who Invented Sex
Dear Boy George
Let's Make a Baby
Monsters of Love
Kyrie Eleison
Solemn and Cruel
A Dull Documentary
The Old Die Young
Let's Start a Trade Union
The Filippino

The songs are mostly from the late 80s, though a couple of them date from 1983 (Ballad of the Barrel Organist, Kyrie Eleison, Solemn and Cruel). There's an overlap with the other demos podcasts, too -- Amongst Women Only and Confectioner have already appeared, though in different versions. Here for the first time are unpublished songs like Dear Boy George (later rewritten as The Cabriolet), Let's Make a Baby, Advertising, The Filippino, Explicit (which became The Emperor of Oranges), The Girl Who Invented Sex, and others. Apologies, as usual, for the beyond-lofi sound.