March 17th, 2009


Eurotexture, Japbubble, and The Wire

Like a stressed parent letting the TV babysit the kids, I'm going to set you up in front of a Flickr slideshow today (the first I've embedded, actually -- didn't know how before) while I work on... well, writing my next Playground column, editing The Book of Jokes for the Dalkey edition, and, as a matter of fact, penning an Epiphanies column for the next edition of The Wire! Yay!

Actually, the slideshow doesn't work, does it? You're just seeing teasy glimpses of the corners of each picture, aren't you? Apparently LiveJournal just doesn't work with Flickr slideshows. Coding issues. Okay, if you're curious, check out the originals here. Lots of Eurotexture and Japbubble for ya!

(Oh, wait, I think it does work after all.)