March 24th, 2009


Three embedded Vimeo vids

Three Vimeo music vids for you today. Andrew Bulhak, aka acb, has made a remix of Jahwise Hammer of the Babylon King from the Joemus album. It's called Dubwise Hamster of the Babylon King, and credited to Momus vs. acb. Andrew's original remix is here, but I've made a video of a remix of his remix:

Next, here's a David Shane Smith collaboration with August called falseareuponme. I recommended David Shane Smith back in December as a new Dylan, Cohen, or Beck figure (he's also been compared to Tom Waits and Nick Drake). I now have his album, Cloud Pleaser (Stroboscopic) and it's strong stuff indeed. This isn't on it, and isn't typical of it, but does show DSS's juxtaposition of singersongwriter virtues with sonic interest:

Finally, a great video by Jeff Desom for Hauschka's Morgenrot, from the German prepared piano wizard's FatCat album Ferndorf. I love the film's evocation of a dusty-Modernist New York here, and the fruity cello:

You can see a scratch video for a newer Hauschka track, Tagtraum, from his current "leftovers" album Snowflakes and Car Wrecks. That video is here.