April 2nd, 2009


Momus -- and astonished Easter bunnies -- live in Oslo tonight

This is very last-minute, but some people who came to my lecture on Tuesday suggested I play a live show while I'm in Oslo, and have added me to the start of a bill playing tonight at Funhouse:

Momus live music set
8pm doors, 10pm Momus
St. Olavs gate 32
(Entrance on Pilestredet opposite youth house Blitz)

The image above is the flyer for an art show celebrating the "spring awakening" of Easter. Opening tonight at 7pm at Lautom Contemporary, Collettsgate 6, 0169 Oslo, Bunnies, it Must be Bunnies includes work by my Berlin friend Jan Christensen. I'll be catching the opening (map here) right before heading to Funhouse to play. (NB: No bunnies were abused in the taking of that picture, I'm told.)