May 16th, 2009


The end of Love is the End of Art

Today is the last day of the strange nocturnal soap opera Aki Sasamoto and I have been performing daily at Zach Feuer Gallery. Here's another YouTube installment, courtesy of another Aki, a male this time. Aki Saru has put quite a few videos of the show up on his page.

Between 5.30 and 6pm today we're doing something a bit different. The characters, who've been prowling around in the dark ignoring each other so far (it feels a bit like Sartre's In Camera, with its famous line "hell is other people"), will finally acknowledge each other in the final half hour. Well, almost. We'll be feeding each other pasta with a long double-ended fork, in a version of a piece Aki's done before, Feedback. The instructions for Feedback call for the diners to be listening to the radio on headphones while talking at cross purposes, without hearing each other. In our version, though, I'll be listening to the music of Martin Rev. Aki will be listening to my album Tender Pervert, which she's never heard before.

Although the art show ends today, Aki and I continue to perform together throughout the month. She'll be accompanying me, gesturally, at some of my music shows, and also at the reading at Starr Space on May 24th, All My Crowns are Made of Paper.