June 6th, 2009



Hisae and Kyoka worked so late on their secret art project last night -- and so much Scotch was consumed -- that a pajama party spontaneously developed. The girls changed into floral housecoats; dressed in a long striped nightshirt, I was in charge of the music. Some kind of disco music might have been the obvious choice for a pajama party, which is why I chose the most unorthodox soundtrack possible: Greek Orthodox church music.

Initially it was just an LP of Greek Orthodox hymns ("Ha, let's see them party to this!") chosen at random from the shelf. But soon -- mainly because the amp conked out -- we were projecting videos of Orthodox ceremonies and dressing up in long red robes, with a red cooking pot on our heads, in imitation of the garb onscreen. This proved considerably more fun than throwing silly Kylie shapes, but things really hotted up when YouTube suggested a link to some Ethiopian Orthodox songs and we began copying the ecstatic circle dances and clapping.

Things got positively wild when we switched to Whirling Dervish videos, and began twirling around the room like tops in a trance. Soon our heads were spinning faster than the room, and the rabbit was terrified. Only a fear of vomiting (and showing a little too much leg) stopped us. But what would a pajama party be without vomiting and flashing? That's totally orthodox.