July 28th, 2009


Space, 1999

Ten years is a long time in digital camera design, so when Hisae decided to refurbish her old Nikon Coolpix 950 it felt more like time-traveling back to 1969 than 1999 -- especially with the optional fisheye lens adaptor screwed into place.

A camera that, ten years ago, seemed light and expensive now seems heavy and cheap, and its 2 megapixel sensor doesn't seem anything like as spacious now as it did back then. But there's no denying the quality and quirk of the images you can get with this Nikon, once you've slipped in four AA batteries (they'll last about 30 minutes before they need replacing), screwed the lens adaptor into its mount, and twisted the rugged swivel-body into action.

Here's a fisheye documentation of our living space via the kind of lens usually reserved for Apollo capsules and Stanley Kubrick (or, for a more 1999-era reference, Chris Doyle) films.