August 22nd, 2009


Mysterious performance unit Penquo!

For weeks now there have been regular meetings at a certain house -- all right, at my house -- in which strange rituals involving plants, piezo mics, turntables, projections of Bob Ross videos and abstract music have been pieced together by two Japanese girls.

Over time it has become clear to me that a sort of secret society called Penquo is taking shape, and I am reliably informed that tonight at Staalplaat Working Space some kind of initial ritual, or performance, or service will take place before members of the public.

Staalplaat Working Space
Saturday 22nd August
Door 20.30, start 21.00 exact, end 22.00

A light night
Art and sound experimentation / performance
Naoko Ogawa

Flughafafenstrasse 38
U8 Boddinstrasse
U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Artists' statement: "First act is Penquo, and it will be like a little visual and sound laboratory playing / listening to the sound of very basic object, such as plants, fruits etc, along with some visual materials. We plan to have some images projected on the wall (2 projectors + OHP). It will be about 20 minutes performance, but we’d like the audience to experience the moment with a relaxed feeling like sitting in someone’s living room."

Plus Naoko Ogawa; video projection "Luminous"

Naoko Ogawa is a jewelry artist. For her new jewelry series "Luminous" she made an 8-minute film which will be shown tonight for the first time. Naoko made a frame which allowed her to walk around in the park, cook at home, sit in a cafe and so on while wearing her Luminous jewelry on a white t-shirt and capturing with a video camera the effects of the light as it changed and glanced off the pearled, reflective surface of the jewelry. The jewelry will also be for sale.

The evening will be audio-streamed live, so you can hear what it sounds like even if you aren't in Berlin. Stream here.