September 10th, 2009


Notes to self

Note 1: Catch the early morning ICE train from Berlin to Utrecht, Netherlands, and perform, on Friday evening at Kikker Theater, a 90-minute concert which is both a "normal" Momus show and not normal at all, because it's a special event in fond memory of your friend Jip de Kort, who died almost a year ago, aged 37.

Note 2: Tea with Jip's girlfriend Stef before the concert.

Note 3: Things to do while in Utrecht. There's the Centraalmuseum, the Rietveld-Schroederhuis (which looks like a 3D Mondrian painting)...

...and an interesting-looking exhibition at Casco (click this link for GoogleMaps when in wifi range, self) called Grammar of the World - Based on Operational Play, a project in which Korean artist Hwayeon Nam gave people "choreography" to perform near the gallery based on the following poem:

In front of the falls the iceberg stands straight.
Then the queen appears.
The queen turns on the iceberg.
Then the iceberg starts to spin in a circle.
As an iceberg starts to spin, the purple warrior enters.
As the purple warrior starts to spin, the blue tiger enters.
As the blue tiger starts to spin, the silver fox enters.

Note 4 (not related specifically to Utrecht): Please enjoy the brilliance of Togawa Jun Unit's Showa-synthpop song Yume Miru Yakusoku: