October 4th, 2009


Through struggle to the stars!

It's a matter of historical record that on my 1999 album Stars Forever I made thirty lucky people, well, stars forever, and all for the very reasonable price of $1000 per person per song. Per ardua ad astra, as they say; through struggle to the stars. What's less well known is that on the accompanying tour I reduced the prices (and, it has to be said, the amount of effort going into the songs) significantly, eventually making random people "stars for now" for the fire sale price of just $5.

In newly-released video material from the archives of record label Le Grand Magistery, you can see me performing this feat (and explaining the commercial logic behind it: I'm undercutting my undercutters) at Reed College, Portland, Oregon on November 14th, 1999, making a girl called Kitt a star with a completely impromptu song.

Later, of course, making stuff up on the spur of the moment and putting it immediately into the public domain would come to be known as "blogging".