imomus (imomus) wrote,

A big x to your milky hair

I'm hissy-fitting, pissy-ripping mad. Olivier Lamm -- yes, that O.LAMM! -- is flying to Japan very soon to promote his out-this-week new album -- an album on which I, Momus, do a totally sick rap! -- and he hasn't invited me along. In fact, the first thing I hear about it is a piece on Digiki's blog. Digiki's on the bill, so's Lullatone. But am I? No. Why? I don't think it's because of the air fare. I would've gone the Aeroflot route for you, Olivier! No, it's because I'm too old, isn't it?

Or maybe -- YES! -- it's because I'm not as beautiful or talented as Nobuko Hori, who is on the bill, and also on your monolithic album Monolith, right? Nobuko Hori, who joins the tour on 22nd November at Fourth Floor, Kitchijioji and 2nd December at Apple Store, Shibuya, right?

Okay, I'll admit that Nobuko is pretty good at what she does. I can totally see why you've done this, Olivier. Her graphics are super sweet and her music is a fucking gorgeous racket, except when it's really sick and sweet, like Midori Hirano mixed with early Lullatone. Music Related are putting out her album soon, and her artwork for North Valley Subconscious Orchestra is sweet as a nut.

Nobuko, who also plays in a sick, sick band called Groopies with a way hott model called Kyoka (they really rip it up live), has way more friends than me on her MySpace page. But that's only because I don't have a MySpace page. Never go there. Well, hardly ever.

And as for that fucktard Rupert Murdoch trying to break into the Japanese market, well, I'm counting on all sensible Japanese to stick with Mixi, the social networking system with built-in Shinto.

A big "x" to your milky hair, girls. And boys, I guess. Wish I was there, rapping about the old khaki teriyaki. Enjoy the tour, bastards!
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