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Meta-retro-fest 1: Click Opera hits and misses of 2006

Click Opera is a massive undertaking, a daily culture page I post here, a sort of feuilleton I focus on my own interests and write for my own pleasure. But I'm not so autistic that I don't care about the response it gets. So today I've listed the titles of all the Click Opera entries from January to June, picking out and describing each month's most -- and least -- commented entries. Think of it as a much more intelligent and interesting version of Google Zeitgeist. (I genuinely don't know what Bebo is. And Paris Hilton -- who he?)

January 2006

1st Erase your cravings! - 23 comments
2nd Jet lag has its uses - 27 comments
3rd Supereveryday: three new Japanese artists - 38 comments
4th New eyebrows, Old Labour - 39 comments

5th Sento percento - 93 comments
January's most-commented entry breaks down a visit to Spaworld, a bathing centre near Osaka zoo, in terms of (somewhat humorous) percentages. The statement that seems to have provoked the controversy wasn't Hisae's claim that she could recognize Gothic Lolitas even without their clothes, but my assertion that "little girls (aged 5-8, bathing with their fathers) are 50% sexy with their clothes on, but only 20% sexy naked, when they exactly resemble little boys without penises".

6th Sleeping in Japan - 47 comments
7th Expressway - 15 comments
8th A trip to Momak - 21 comments
9th The secret life of Eurabia - 85 comments
10th Slow magazines - 30 comments
11th Rooming in New York - 27 comments
12th Top down - 49 comments
13th The Kotatsu School - 22 comments
14th Year Zero - 24 comments
15th The difference that makes a difference - 25 comments
16th Signs that say what you want them to say until they say what some car manufacturer wants them to say - 60 comments
17th Tokyo - 61 comments
18th Fotologging the perfect Tokyo day - 21 comments

19th Lust for panel discussions - 12 comments
January's damp squib entry is a visual culture one; or rather, a howl of boredom at the endless discussion panels Japanese visual culture events have a tendency to decline into.

20th I (Heart) Tokyo - 48 comments
21st Momasu goes gosurori - 42 comments
22nd Palace of mirrors - 16 comments
23rd Reggae izakaya - 31 comments
24th Why are Japanese houses so cold? - 58 comments
25th The Moriyama house - 27 comments
26th Memewaves and t-shirtism - 14 comments
27th Magpie foppery / tatty fashion fix - 25 comments
28th American Environics - 68 comments
29th Who's framing Hinano? - 30 comments
30th MacPower - 40 comments
31st Observed - 23 comments

February 2006

1st Mud, glorious mud - 25 comments
2nd Marshmallowscopy - 47 comments
3rd Rinko's diary googlemangled - 27 comments
4th Artiodactyl carpenter - 26 comments

5th Horiemon's simple life - 4 comments
A pathetic four comments (long ones, though) for a piece speculating on whether a disgraced internet business man would be curbing his flashy lifestyle after a salutary spell in prison.

6th Through the looking glass - 49 comments
7th Mazakon - 49 comments
8th MeTube - 55 comments
10th Turn the heater on! - 17 comments
11th Humpty Flip - 67 comments
12th Two wheels good - 16 comments
13th The end of the end of history - 73 comments
14th The spirit of WA - 91 comments
15th What Momus stuff can you download? - 88 comments
16th I was waiting for the market to show me gorgeousness - 52 comments
17th Hairstyle of the month - 16 comments
18th Every lie creates a parallel world... the world in which it's true. - 52 comments
19th In Martin's web - 38 comments
20th Structured for the individual - 66 comments
22nd Hits in a parallel universe - 16 comments
23rd Frilly Military: a homemade pop video - 34 comments
24th Richer isn't happier - 29 comments
25th Hello -- and goodbye -- Cute Formalism! - 20 comments
26th Hatsuhana and shakuhachi - 36 comments

27th Never blend in - 99 comments
This "first impressions of America" piece zooms in on the individualism v. collectivism issue: "After Japan, my impression of this society is that it's a place where the idea of being in public doesn't really work. Although it's undeniably a society in every normal way -- a place where people congregate, work together, follow the rules, co-operate, work in teams -- America doesn't seem to like to think of itself as that. It prefers to think of itself as a big mass of individuals... mavericks." Note that I'm not saying America isn't collectivist, just that it doesn't see itself that way. Probably I'm just annoyed that for the next three months I won't be able to unwind in a sento every night.

28th Culture-shock depressurization chamber - 28 comments

March 2006

1st A glitz thing - 36 comments
2nd The collectivization of journalism marches on! As one we salute the VJ! - 16 comments
3rd My life as a living sculpture - 39 comments
4th Comparative ethno-graphics - 19 comments
5th An ex-wife's hat - 28 comments

6th That's not a joke, that's design - 3 comments
As usual, it's visual culture (art and design) that leaves everyone cold. Or does this subject matter just make everyone so visual they stop writing? Anyway, this is a piece where I boast about puffing Berlin designer Rafael Horzon in the new edition of ID magazine.

7th Berliniamsburg - 32 comments
Ivor Cutler - 45 comments
8th Where have all the New York Japanese gone? - 35 comments
9th Blogbabes, the New York Times, and Alain Badiou - 26 comments
10th Bright sounds, dark rooms - 14 comments
11th Post-American - 50 comments
12th Ginsberg's ghost - 70 comments
13th Chinatown - 27 comments
14th Music at the Armory - 23 comments
15th Fantasy architecture and non-computer computerization - 13 comments
16th Hergé's Adventures of... Momus? - 29 comments
17th Artzines and artblogs - 22 comments
18th Brash! - 57 comments
19th Eurotrashville skyline - 37 comments
20th Little Italy and superintimacy - 35 comments
21st He blogs about a sweater - 34 comments
22nd Ocky Milk's baby teeth - 38 comments
23rd An interview in a lovely accent - 13 comments
24th Avant-grizzlies and the great generation of Downtown - 21 comments
25th We didn't quite meet - 28 comments

26th Ubiquity is the abyss - 151 comments
The heavy-hitter in March is this entry saying that music has lost its relevance precisely because it's everywhere. It later appeared, rewritten, as a Wired News column entitled Hell is other people's music.

27th The Bob Newhart of art - 39 comments
28th Want to think? Get a mask. - 56 comments
29th The strange case of Toni Burlap - 12 comments
30th Finlayesque - 20 comments
31st The films of Hercules - 55 comments

April 2006

1st Panel discussions of a mask - 18 comments
2nd Outreach and ingroups - 28 comments
3rd Horrorpop! - 28 comments
4th Cooking the blooks - 49 comments

5th One-Eyed Willie at SVA - 15 comments
Art cliques again provoke disinterest as I blog some official studio visits I made at the School of Visual Arts, New York.

6th Pirates have a proverb: if your boat is sinking, don't sue the water - 58 comments
7th Paint a vulva picture - 69 comments
8th Jesus wept! - 22 comments
9th Who's the FRUiT? - 44 comments
11th Densha Otoko and "our penis" - 76 comments
12th Roomtone: indigenous sound - 42 comments
13th Flushing junkspace - 35 comments
14th Parasite franchise - 19 comments
15th Mai Ueda Times - 25 comments
16th Electroyiddish - 43 comments
17th If you're so clever and rich, why aren't you happy? - 93 comments
18th Water towers (dried out, but not necessarily furnished) are the place for me - 65 comments
19th Bidoun: arts and culture from the Middle East - 26 comments
20th New York graphics: exuberance and sobriety - 45 comments
21st Against over-ownership, monoculture and monopoly - 41 comments
22nd A (half) Japanese designer in Queens - 21 comments
23rd So, like, Valspeak, like, WTF is up with that? - 96 comments
25th The new Matmos sounds (nothing) like the old Momus - 75 comments
26th Vito spreads seed - 23 comments
27th The cute poop taboo - 80 comments
28th Hairstyles replace art - 49 comments
29th MySpacecide, magazines and peace - 46 comments

30th Rocking and awful - 167 comments
April's biggie tells the compelling tale (later picked up by the Village Voice) of a showdown at a Whitney peace concert between Japanther's Ian Vanek and veteran peace campaigner and documentary filmmaker Deedee Halleck. No prizes for guessing whose side I came down on: "The fanged skulls on Japanther's puppets... really brought home to me how little Americans in their 20s care for the iconography, the textures of peace."

May 2006

1st Tokyo art beat-off - 24 comments
2nd Tokyo art beat-off 2 - 28 comments
3rd From B to A and back again - 53 comments
4th Hello (and goodbye) flowers! - 75 comments
5th Pompeii at the kiosk - 92 comments
6th We four are two - 31 comments
7th My Saturday - 57 comments
8th Shorties - 99 comments
9th Fogey disses - 74 comments
10th I'm an artist, so, um, kapow! - 71 comments
11th Is blech-pharoplasty Western-eyes-ation? - 71 comments
12th Notes towards a definition of Procrustean Seeing - 92 comments
13th Vanessa blends, blands - 43 comments
14th Looking for a certain ratio - 144 comments
15th Nice twee experimental stuff for good-hearted, shy people - 23 comments
16th The rolling then - 33 comments
17th The semilunar woman's knife and the sinew-backed bow - 46 comments
18th Wuthering Jans - 24 comments
19th The politics of texture - 85 comments
20th See you tonight! - 17 comments
21st Society pages - 23 comments
22nd In praise of quietness - 95 comments
23rd Formats, fossils and flats - 35 comments

24th An interview with Koki Tanaka - 13 comments
Art again provokes relative indifference, as I bring the world's attention to a generation of "Supereveryday" artists, and actually meet them for the first time, on the sunny steps of a building on Greene Street, SoHo.

25th The Proust Questionnaire - 30 comments
26th Pantywaisted Eurotrash out! - 26 comments
27th Berlinagain beginagain - 32 comments
28th American billboard - 58 comments
29th 8 thoughts on Super 8 - 24 comments

30th Tell me about couples and surfing! - 228 comments
And you did... in your millions. Not only did this become a Wired story, it even got syndicated by news agencies, copied by other writers, and chattered about all over the blogosphere. Ratings-wise, the year's biggest Click Opera story, and thematically the most mainstream. So mainstream, in fact, that it doesn't feel like Click Opera at all.

June 2006

1st The Prenzlauerbergers are dying out - 101 comments
June starts with a bang. I'm back in Berlin, still seeing it with fresh eyes, and wondering why I'm attracted to cultures with declining birth-rates. I discover "something university graduates, lapdog lovers, Prenzlauer Bergers and Momuses have in common: we're all sterilizers." Or is it something to do with all those couples sterilizing themselves with laptops?

2nd The war on patina - 34 comments
3rd The Radio Times - 20 comments
4th I wish my cousin Justin would record something under water - 38 comments
5th Berlin's worst district - 39 comments
6th Spare us the cutter! - 40 comments
7th Nervous Heartbeat: a homemade pop video - 55 comments
8th Fatal MEETS vital - 18 comments
9th Football as strong force - 61 comments
10th Momzilla - 24 comments
11th A tale of two cities - 21 comments
12th Caveat renter! - 18 comments
13th Otherworldly everyday - 23 comments
14th A cup of tea - 80 comments
15th Trussed thrust - 44 comments

16th Relax sucked - 10 comments
Despite the title, this is a tribute, a heartfelt lament for the passing of one of Japan's best 1990s magazines, Relax, which folded with the September issue. I suppose the visual culture element -- a tribute to photographer Masafumi Sanai -- put people off weeping publicly in the comments section. Or was it the fact that -- like me -- most of you can't read Japanese? Well, I just read (and contributed to) Relax for the pictures. Sometimes (as in the famous Homma seascapes edition) it contained nothing more.

17th A naked man in Berlin - 43 comments
18th Five years in a Graniph t-shirt - 19 comments
19th Lantern jaw - 17 comments
20th Berlin: a certain style - 38 comments
21st No more Mr Noise Guy! - 38 comments
22nd The rise and fall of a certain subculture - 42 comments
23rd The feisty fosters the fusty - 19 comments
24th The Metabolist - 20 comments
26th Instru-mental! - 55 comments
28th Things people do at the art school degree show - 30 comments
29th Act like a prick, Jim: blame the victim - 66 comments
30th Gotta come! - 65 comments

I'll run the rest tomorrow. I mean next year.

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