imomus (imomus) wrote,

Matsuri-kei hits Berlin!

Great party at the Zink Gallery in Kreuzberg last night, where Yoshitomo Nara's first Berlin show (a collaboration with Osaka designers graf) opened with a crash, a bang and a wallop -- sampled percussion, in fact, triggered by a keypad being played by the wild gestures of the feisty ladies who constitute M.A.G.O., a "Matsuri-kei" band not unrelated, I hear, to Kiiiiiii (also "Matsuri-kei"). Click the thumbnails below to see bigger thumbnails of the party.

It was a delight to find Olly, our much-missed flightcase ramen man, in operation at the opening, ladling out his excellent noodles to anyone who could actually reach his stand. Olly, a tall Berlin designer of measured gesture, has been operating his ramen stand at various locations for more than ten years, but only two days a week. Now he tells me he's starting a proper ramen restaurant which will be open every night of the week. It launches in three weeks on Gipstrasse in Mitte.

Anyone in Berlin who wants another chance to hear and see M.A.G.O. should come along tonight to 5 Finow Strasse in Friedrichshain, where the girls will be doing their avant matsuri thing again sometime after 6.30pm. I'm treating it as my birthday party.

And now I hope Marxy doesn't mind if I embed his wife -- purely as an example of "Matsuri-kei":


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