imomus (imomus) wrote,

Cookie Flaneur

Just a fraction of the clicks and places that make up one day. In this instance, Thursday January 15th, 2004.

ILX: Richard Dawkins: Anti-Christ or Great Thinker?
I rabbit on about memes at my 'club'.

A is for Apiculate: Vito Acconci Lecture in Oregon
. Acconci has repositioned himself, late in life, as an architect rather than an artist. He designed the new United Bamboo store in Tokyo's Daikanyama.

Vito Acconci: The Bristol Project
. An amazing sound piece in which Acconci talks us through an imaginary space.

Design Observer: Rick Poynor: Behind The Billboard
. I add my two cents in the comments.

“L’Oréal Paris — Because You're Worth It” by Stephen Gill.

NY Post: Spalding Gray Feared Dead
. This is pretty awful news.

Neasden Control Centre
. My favourite new 'messy' British graphic design.

ILX: What do you look like while flipping off the camera?
The conversation comes round to thrifting at the Bins in Portland Oregon.

And, somehow, the famous snob, aesthete and dandy, the Comte Robert de Montesquiou.

Design Observer: Vladimir Nabokov, father of hypertext?
This really makes me want to read 'Pale Fire'.

About Julio Cortazar's novel 'Hopscotch'

Photo of Julio Cortazar

An Excerpt from Cortazar's Hopscotch

Suicide Girls: White Stripes singer in fight

The Von Bondies: 'It Came From Japan' video
. Hmm, 'raw new rawk'.

Guardian: Probably the world's fastest train
. Maglev train service opens in China.

Friendster: Haruko
. Checking people out on Friendster -- virtual flaneur!

BBC 6 Music: Listen Again
. Pet Shop Boys talk with Phill Jupitus. Not being as interesting as they were in i-D, when Neil said he wanted to open an office on my street in Berlin, the Karl Marx Allee!

3D Mall: Kahimi Karie T shirts
. You can walk around with my song lyrics on your back. Kahimi seems obsessed with the song 'Super Freak'.

Atelier L'Appareil Photo Editeur
. Shoichi Kajino's publishing enterprise.

Cornelius 'Smoke' video
and TV commercials for 'Point' at Matador.

Otsuka Adview Site:
Japanese TV commercials.

Tower Records:
Clips of 'A Capella', the 1985 voice only album by Todd Rundgren. I'm interested in what people have done using only voice. This is odd, because he's basically turned his voice into 80s synths and drums. Slightly disgusting.

BBC Radio 3
: Nightwaves Undercurrents; Philip Dodd hosts a discussion about character in the modern novel. 'You no longer go in through the character's clothes, you go in direct to the consciousness...'

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