imomus (imomus) wrote,

2 dreamy installations for a rainy day

1. Click play on both videos then quickly click pause when the picture begins to move.

2. Pull the volume on video 1 up to maximum and the volume on video 2 down to about halfway.

3. Wait about one minute, then click play on video 1.

4. About five seconds later, click play on video 2.

5. Put the volume on your computer up high, and if you have a Mac, zoom the screen onto the rain scene, panning to the live scene when you feel like it.

Another installation (for Mac users who are VU fans):

1. Click play on the Sunday Morning screen below.

2. As soon as the video starts, click pause on the YouTube file.

3. If you have an mp3 of the same song, find it in iTunes, select it, then press Apple + R to reveal the file. (If you don't have it, use "Zanzibar" from the Momus album Ocky Milk instead.)

4. Drag the mp3 file to QuickTime player.

5. Forward the YouTube video over 27 seconds of spoken intro and pause it again.

6. In QuickTime player, press Apple + K to bring up the "A/V controls" panel.

7. Drag "playback speed" (bottom right) down to half.

8. Press Apple + L in Quicktime player then press play.

9. Press play on the YouTube file too. It doesn't matter if the file hasn't fully loaded. Adjust the volumes to your taste.

10. Zoom the YouTube window until the video fills the whole screen.


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