imomus (imomus) wrote,

This entry was written on an iPod Touch

It's a bloody ordeal writing this on my new iPod Touch, but it proves that true moblogging is possible with this device. I was in JR Camera when they got their first batch of the devices in, and they told me mine was the first they'd sold over the counter.

Drawbacks: you can't enter calendar events; you have to download them from your computer. Also, it won't play any RealAudio files. files are too big to play, and there's no cut and paste. Other than that, it's mind-gobblingly brilliant. I could play live shows with this, and it does the web wherever there's wifi -- kind of dangerous for me; I'll never be offline.

Also saw the new New Museum (the SANAA-designed one, due to open on December 1st) on the Bowery today. Will post a photo from the laptop; it's theoretically possible to do from an iPod Touch, but clunkissimo.

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