imomus (imomus) wrote,

Stale fish at auction

People often ask if and when I'm next playing a concert in Berlin, and usually the answer is "I'm not!" My music shows tend to happen in other places, making a home-town performance relatively rare. It's slightly irksome, then, to have to tell you that the Momus / Top Model show previously announced for July 20th won't happen on Sunday 20th after all, but on the following day, Monday July 21st. Same place, though, Kreuzberg's West Germany. If it's already in your diary, please change the date now!

Since I'm playing Newcastle two days later and Glasgow on the 27th (details for all these shows on the LastFM Momus events page), and since the Newcastle show will be "An Evening with Momus", and since I've decided to do a never-played song off each of my twenty albums for that show, I think that's what I'll be doing at West Germany too. Support comes from Top Model, who make pleasingly messy glockenspiel avant folk. I've also asked performance artist Michael Portnoy to do an 8-second reverse Tsukiji fish auction in between each song. So the general result will be of me auctioning off old, unwanted songs -- not-so-fresh fish, if you like -- to the lowest bidder.

Momus / Top Model
West Germany
Skalitzer Straße 133
10999 Berlin

9:30pm Monday July 21st 2008


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