imomus (imomus) wrote,

Bart the General

It's my nephew Robbie's last day staying here in Berlin with us, and some last-minute cultural exchanges are going on. Robbie's taught me the word machinima, a sort of machine cinema made by sticking new dialogue over computer game scenarios. He's watching one called Red vs Blue Reconstruction right now. The place to find machinima is, which has its own dedicated YouTube channel too. I did once link from here to My Day in Vice City, a really early machinima piece in which a guy just walks around the peaceful parts of Vice City listening to birdsong, but I never knew the genre term.

Meanwhile, I've introduced Robbie (who's started a LiveJournal for stories based on video game screengrabs) to Bart the General, the weird pisstake of The Simpsons made by Famicon, who made the image for the Joemus sleeve. Bart the General is more like David Lynch than The Simpsons, and we've been giggling helplessly as the sinister scenes unfold. Watch out for the Momus cameo in Episode 3, embedded above -- I'm sitting in the background of a cafe with a very rotund... that can't be Hisae, can it?

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