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Joemus bold

In late August, when I was thinking about the artwork for the Momus album, I happened to be in Trento, in northern Italy. Something about some funky fat lettering in a restaurant window appealed to me, and I shot some photos of it.

When I got back to Berlin I issued an appeal for some "extremely talented graphic designer" to turn these snaps into a font called Joemus. It looked for a while as if Hugo Timm of Studio Julia, creator of the Serious Sans typeface I wrote about in the New York Times, might make the Joemus face. But Hugo had to go to South America for a while, and we were keen to get the artwork done immediately.

That's when Stijn Segers of Belgian practice Werkmannen stepped in. With amazing speed, Stijn -- who specializes in making fonts from hand-lettered sources -- made a font based on my snaps. We agreed at the time that when the album came out, we'd make his font available here and on the Werkmannen site, so here it is:

Joemus Bold (PostScript OpenType font)

At about the same time as the font appeal was issued, we were casting around for an artist to do the sleeve artwork for the Joemus album. That job eventually went to Stefan Sadler, who did us proud, but an interesting sketch by Mehmet Ulusahin has now gone up on his website. Here it is:

If we're "bold" in the font, we're positively ferocious in Mehmet's drawing!

PS: 30-second sound clips of every track on the Joemus album can now be heard via this Billboard page.

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