imomus (imomus) wrote,

Notes from Eindhoven

Mu Gallery is a big space located under the top-secret Philips labs where they invented the "compact cassette" and are now working on -- well, perhaps something as amazing as the system I was using for my performance: a program called Remote on my iPod Touch which allowed me to fill the gallery with music by remotely controlling another computer's iTunes playlist via wifi. Quite simple stuff, really, but it was the first time I'd used it.

At the exact moment I was performing at Mu, another technology -- the German public radio network -- was doing something similar, filling, in this case, the entire nation of Germany with my music, thoughts and words, via an hour-long documentary by Katharina Teichgräber, 700 Minuten Beim Flaneur. It streamed on the internet as it was going out, but I don't think it's archived. I'll try and mp3 it when I have a copy.

Update: Hisae managed to tape six minutes at the end of the programme; here it is:

700 Minuten beim Flaneur (mp3 file, 6 min extract from 60 min hoerspiel)
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