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click opera
February 2010
Tue, Apr. 21st, 2009 01:19 am
Did Beatnik Grifter Play On Loathsome Hipster Negro Fetish?


Thu, Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:39 am (UTC)

1) I don't necessarily buy that there are more Asian women with white men than there are hispanics and blacks. Where are your stats? And even if it were true, there are plenty of men who have a "black thing" or a "Latin thing." These would never be called "fetishes," yet any attraction to Asian women is almost universally deemed an "Asian fetish." I think this is an important point, because our attachment of the word "fetish," I think, says something about our conceptions of Asian women. Why is it that, when two men have the same type of fixation, focused on two different ethnicities, one is a "thing" and the other is a "fetish." And the bottom line is that an attraction to Asian women doesn't even have to approach fixation or obsession before it is thought of as a fetish. As we've seen from this whole ordeal, somebody can be labeled an Asian fetishist upon simply being seen dating an Asian woman.

2) The article depicts Kari Ferrell as a particularly adept temptress, because she supposedly used the innate charm of her ethnicity to lure hipsters--who absolutely could not resist her Asianness--into her confidence games. The Jezebel article puts her race right out front. I'm not sure how you can fail to see that.

3) The article defines the stereotype: the meek, childish, passive, subservient Asian woman. And then it asks: Was Ferrell aware of her allure among hipster men, and did she actively use that allure to her advantage? Well, if the allure--the stereotype--would dictate that she should be passive, meek, childish, and subservient, I'm not sure exactly how one could argue that Ferrell knowingly used it in order to con people. First off, by all accounts, she didn't appear meek, passive, or subservient. And moreover, once she got into the bedroom with these guys, she had a big fat tat across the top of her chest. So we can cross childish off the list. Moreover, as people got to know her, she revealed her craziness, and really freaked people out. So we can cross nonthreatening off the list, too.

4) The problem is not whether she did or didn't use her ethnicity to her advantage. The problem is that, at the end of the day, there's no particularly noteworthy evidence that she did, yet Jezebel still saw fit to post an article about it ... an article, which, by the way, would never have gone up, been written, or probably even been thought of, had she been hispanic or black or whatever else. It's interesting how Jezebel laments the fact that we "sexualize" Asian women, and then goes ahead and prints an article sexualizing an Asian woman whose documented actions don't even appear to fit the stereotype that's supposed to have made her particularly alluring to hipster men in the first place.

5) I think it's pretty clear that this Jezebel piece was nothing more than an attempt to twist the story of a screwed up con artist in need of professional help into a passive aggressive jab at white male hipsters. Don't get me wrong ... I'm all about taking jabs at hipsters, fair or unfair. I do it all the time, myself. But it goes wrong when it crosses into pretty blatant racism, and reveals that the racists in question are basically oblivious about it. And again, this is the same type of racism that filled the comments in Jezebel's "Rapelay" article, as well. But it's not just Jezebel. I think that most westerners are typically unaware of the racist they have about East Asia.

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