imomus (imomus) wrote,

Never got the memo

It's always amusing to see what the local press says when you play a rock show. The Bostonist's live music editors told the paper's readers that "we heard a lot of Momus in college, when we hung out with architecture students. He's been recording since the mid-80s and never got the memo when postmodernism went out of fashion."

I find this a bit ironic, since I not only got the memo (from Nicolas Bourriaud in person) but blogged for a week about the thing that succeeded postmodernism, the altermodern. Anyway, the paper doesn't seem to mind my pomo retro -- they end the preview "he's a dandy. Mysteriously likeable."

The crowd for the Boston show was a bit sparse -- the venue is between Harvard and MIT, but the students are out of town just now -- but I enjoyed myself uproariously, doing silly synchronised dance moves with a kuroko-clad Aki Sasamoto.

I chatted afterwards with some kids who have a music show on college radio. They told me they'd pulled Ocky Milk out of the music library entirely at random, but had developed a sort of cult around the song "Belvedere". I can sort of see why; there probably aren't many songs out there about a kid's TV show which encourages its viewers to throw their parents screaming from "the great mountain of death" or "touch other children's genitals for pleasure". I obviously didn't get the memo that catchy pop songs can't say stuff like that.
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