imomus (imomus) wrote,

Pregnant beauty

In my last week here in the States my schedule, like the weather, has hotted up. I'm flip-flopping around at twice the speed, seeing twice as many people. Lunch with my ex-wife Shazna yesterday was followed by a visit to the offices of Artforum magazine, where I met publisher Knight Landesman, re-met production editor Ella Christopherson, and went for tea with Samara and David, who runs the magazine's website (there's a possibility I'll be writing Critics' Picks reviews for them of Berlin art shows).

This was followed by a visit to a friend's painting studio in Long Island City, a converted sausage factory right around the corner from Takashi Murakami's own sausage factory, Kaikai Kiki (I got a glimpse of some minions in an aircraft hangar-sized space "producing superflat" for the master). After dinner with painter Jing Yu at Supercore and a good old browse at the fantastic Spoonbill and Sugartown (one of the world's best bookshops) I hooked up with Roddy Schrock and headed to Monkey Town to see Twi Humble Feather, a trio of guitarists and singers who don't like to be compared to Animal Collective, but inevitably are.

Video visuals were by Nobuko Hori (the musical partner of our good Berlin friend Kyoka) who's seven-and-a-half months pregnant and looks great on it, wearing a top of thin op art stripes which emphasizes her belly and zings your eyes as you follow the pinstripes over the bulge. I didn't think the day could contain any more "pregnant beauty", but when I got home an email awaited me from Tomoko Miyata, eight months pregnant. Attached was a gorgeous photo by her boyfriend Luc of Tomoko naked on the beach at Naoshima, on Japan's Inland Sea.

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