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The underclass wants to become the overman! - click opera — LiveJournal
February 2010
Wed, Dec. 9th, 2009 04:50 am
The underclass wants to become the overman!


Tue, Dec. 8th, 2009 09:55 pm (UTC)
Olympia was a mannequin, and the man who made her eyes broke her apart in front of Hoffman

reporting on the existence of problems in Japan, the problem of existence in Japan, in no way questions the creative abilities of Japanese people.
Also even invoking the spectre of political struggle, in Japan, in 2009, is laughable.
Do some leg work. Get someone to translate for you. Engage someone on the street, someone young, talk to them about either politics or struggle. You'll come up empty.
Someone will no doubt tell you about the struggle, ie the grind, for cash. Someone will tell you about Nori P. Still. Still talking about Nori P. Also the Michael Jackson Doc. This is it, Momus.

Whether people are being hospitalized from overwork or not is irrelevant.
Marx is irrelevant. Beuys is resplendent.

What the anon above, not myself so I am just paraphrasing (not really), seems to be stabbing at is this depiction of Japan which appears in your blog, spoken with the air of authority, spoken with the insecurity of someone clutching something dear, something unearned, is rosy beyond all proportion with the everyday realities. Whether your friends have money or not and how they earn it is irrelevant. You want to talk about a burgeoning creative place which by association to you, the one delivering the news, adds color to your coat. Some kind of greater east asian co-prosperity sphere, you tell the news of art and live in the magical isles and your rep grows, and so does the brand.
But living here and seeing the everyday is less idealistic. Also that you are perturbed by any mention of problems in Japan is confusing. You aren't some socially impaired basement anime exoticist, overseas, dreaming of a Japan you'll never go to. You've been here. Your orientalism seems willful. Magical thinking? Ask your shrink. Ask Copernicus about pushing limits. Ask someone in Japan. An internet link to a cool event in Koenji that hasn't happened in two years doesn't help. The kids are painting shit on canvasses that looks like VH1 logos from 2004 in hopes of designing a shoe. These are the people I know.
Perhaps you shouldn't try to tackle the existence of a nation as a problematic to throw some jargon at. And don't get mad at people who live in this biological art garden criticize it and your misconceptions.
Old news, and why bring it up, but I will. Your feathers were ruffled up by Marxy talking about goings on and more importantly not goings on in this country, and it conflicted with your ideas. Taking him on this fight was like E. Wilson taking on V. Nabokov in questions of Russian in Pushkin. He speaks the language and has done the research. Bad analogy. Marxy is no Nabokov. But the point remains. As inarticulately as I have levelled it. Perhaps it hasn't been conveyed at all, sorry.

Love ya


Tue, Dec. 8th, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Olympia was a mannequin, and the man who made her eyes broke her apart in front of Hoffman

yep. bad analogy. nabokov was the perv, so you'll have to switch it around

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