imomus (imomus) wrote,

Hello! This is Click Opera.

1. What's this? This is the last entry in the blog called Click Opera, which means that, in the funny through-the-looking-glass world of blogs, it's the first page future internauts and web adventurers will come to. So think of this not so much as an ending as an entrance. What you've reached is the door to "probably the best-written blog on the Anglophone web", according to Warren Ellis. "It doesn't get any better than Click Opera," said novelist Dennis Cooper.

2. Who's behind Click Opera? The best introduction to who I am is this article in The Guardian Review. I'm a Scot, a musician, a writer, and -- according to this page, gulp! -- the 4697th most significant contemporary visual artist working today. My Wikipedia page is here. You can download six of my early albums free here. Books I've written are here and here. I want to write more books, so if you're a publisher email me! That goes for people wanting to reproduce bits of this blog in print, too.

3. Where can we find out what you're up to, post-blog? From my "personal digital assistant" Maria Wolonski, who announces my engagements in the charming, ringing tones of a talking clock. From the Momus concerts page on LastFM. From my Flickr page and my two YouTube accounts, momasu and bookofjokes. I may even revive my old website (1995-2003),

4. What do you plan to do now? I want to write books and articles. Maybe teach at an art school. Deliver lectures in many lands. Make some more records. Play concerts. Walk around the world. Learn to speak Japanese and live in Japan. Write my own regular newspaper column of cultural commentary (I've written for people like Wired, The New York Times, Frieze, Spike, The Wire, 032c). Hold some more art shows. If you can help me realise these dreams, email me, please!

5. If I want to stage a Momus concert, what do I need to do? Tell your friendly local promoter (or it could be an art gallerist, store owner, festival director) that all I require is travel expenses (from Berlin), accommodation, plus a fee of around €1000 for a regular Momus show (festivals tend to pay more). If that works for the promoters, get them to drop me a line and we'll take it from there. I also do art performances -- live storytelling and unreliable tours.

6. Will you keep the Click Opera archive up indefinitely? Yes, I will. If you feel like helping with the modest LiveJournal and PhotoBucket hosting costs -- or compensating me directly for some illegal mp3s of my songs you've downloaded -- you can make a donation via PayPal here.

7. What's the best way to search the Click Opera archive? Simply type the word imomus plus your search term into a search engine, then follow the links headed "Click Opera".

8. Will you keep reading and responding to comments left under this entry? Yes, I will. Leave your email address if you want a personal response.

9. Why did you stop updating Click Opera? Not because anything went wrong or it got unpleasant. Quite the reverse, in fact. Click Opera was just too damned good: too compelling, too time-consuming, too satisfying. It took over my life. It became my job, the main topic of my conversation, the hub of my self-mediated fame: "Aren't you that guy from the internet?" (Read the piece called Clickswansong if you want to know more about why this blog came to a "happy ending". Or listen to this radio interview with KCSB's Colin Marshall.)

10. Can I step through the door now? Please do! There's a lot to read! You can browse backwards from here, or start at the beginning (Thursday January 15th 2004) and work forwards. The calendar is your friend, or you may prefer to read through the titles displayed in the month view.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed to Click Opera, this big vineyard! You've given me years of pleasure! Happiness, as T.E. Lawrence said, "is a by-product of absorption", and blogging -- the best hobby I ever had -- has been absorbing indeed.


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thank you nick. good luck .
and happy birthday

its was pretty cool to get to know you a bit through ClickOpera... best of luck with the next big fish you're frying up.

stay w the woman you're with now... I think it's true love... just my feeling.


February 10 2010, 06:55:30 UTC 11 years ago

Oh god, that's going to be there forever.
one idea is to simply click back to 2004 and start reading every entry again from the beginning. will do this myself, skipping over the ones about bukkake, cheesy j-pop, the scourge of PC, etc etc. the best ones (99% of all of them) were about music, art, japan (non-porn), and politics. wait, that's too broad...oh get the idea...

anyway, what were some of everyone else's favorites?
I will miss reading your posts. I will especially miss reading your comment sections.

Man--I can't even believe it. The presence of this blog changed the way I approached about the internet, and I'm starting to realize that its absence will change that again.

Thanks so much for all the great thoughts these past six years. I'm wishing all the best to you, Hisae, and Pok!
I feel compelled to tell you this blog has played a key role in my intellectual growth over the last 18 months. In return for the millions of words you've written for me, I think I must write a few in return. Here goes.

I am an American art student. I am a painter and songwriter. Most of all right now I am a better person for having read this blog. Your work has deeply influenced me, be it musical work, written word, even performance art (I saw you this past May in NY). This is not to say that I've agreed with everything you've said and done; quite contrary, I've taken issue with a number of ideas you've put forth, but that's how I know it's worth reading. I value dissenting opinions, especially ones that help me reevaluate my own.

I appreciate that you've gone to the trouble of writing this blog at the expense of your sanity and your fame. I mean, no famous person writes a blog, they have twitters (real ones). Maybe now you can shroud yourself in more mystery and go the way of other innovative, forward-thinking artists... sell out!

Think of it! You could finally start stocking your warehouse of Momus branded t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, buttons, condoms, etc. Become a talking head on VH1. Do some laundry detergent commercials in Japan. Do something scandalous involving Lady Gaga. The beauty of this strategy is once you've stocked the coffers with enough gold bars, you can just start paying somebody to write Click Opera for you. On top of this is the fact that "Momus" isn't a real person, Nick is. Give anybody the right haircut and an eyepatch, and voila, they're Momus! Now you can be in several places at once! Think of the speaking engagements! Most of all, think of the money!

I would be more than willing to stand in as a Fauxmus, as I'm sure a wealth of other Click Opera readers would be. Till I'm called on, I'll keep reading Whimsy's blog, Toog's blog, and listening to your back catalog. Keep making things.

"I'll keep reading Whimsy's blog, Toog's blog, and listening to your back catalog." - Sound like a song lyric!

Re: An Army of Fauxmus


11 years ago

Re: An Army of Fauxmus


11 years ago


So long Momus! I never had a clue what you were talking about, but I enjoyed it anyway.
That's my favourite comment so far! I've been listening to your records, cds, mp3s since 1990, and reading your website since 1995, and seeing you perform many times since 1997. It's been long journey, sometimes frustrating, ridiculous, annoying, pretentious but always worth checking. Please come back to London and perform a spoken word / musical / performance art extravaganza! Or write your autobiography. There are too many good stories that will never be recorded otherwise. Whatever you do, good luck. It's been fun. Best wishes.


February 10 2010, 04:55:01 UTC 11 years ago

So long, Click Opera. Even though I haven't been following you regularly in recent months, it's been nice knowing you!


PS Happy birthday, Nick! Jeez...half-a-century, eh?


February 10 2010, 05:09:13 UTC 11 years ago

see you on facebook
I don't know why I signed on to click opera so late in the game. I knew about it & would read it periodically, but I think I didn't see the scope of what you were doing. It's been great for the past year or so to read it regularly. I'll have go back and check out some of the older content. Thanks for making this great thing for lj and the internet.
my friends feed will be much lonelier without you, momus :(



February 10 2010, 05:37:55 UTC 11 years ago

Good Luck Nick!!

I wish you could be an art teacher
if you do that i will be your first student

Cheers from South America!
Thank you so much for the last few years. I confess I only came late to Click Opera, but it's been one of eight quicklink buttons for me for the last couple of years, and the others are mostly cricket, news and email. Click Opera has had more of an effect on my opinions and education over the last couple of years than anything else. I'll keep it bookmarked, and I plan to reread it in order from the early days.

Anyway, I've never commented before, hence my anonymity here, but you've done so much for me that I'd be honoured to be able to do something for you one day. I don't have power, money, or even any good advice, but if there's ever anything you feel you could use my help with, please contact me:

I'll buy you a pint, cook you a meal, provide an alibi, whatever. Anything to say thank you.

Anyway, thank you, and good luck!


P.S. Please come and play in London soon...


February 10 2010, 06:05:32 UTC 11 years ago

why not just put a wordpress or movable type blog together and post one solid entry per week ?
Do all the other stuff you want to do but keep the enjoyment of blogging, but in a different format... and i don't mean RoboTwit Opera, that really won't do you much justice..

and thanks for your thoughts over the last few years. I will miss Click Opera dearly.. All the best for your future adventures..



February 10 2010, 06:45:26 UTC 11 years ago

Jeez what a start to the year, already losing you AND Big Brother!
A long-ish time anon lurker here Thanking You for your always interesting blog.
It had a quite wonderful intimacy and kaleidoscopic breadth that I shall certainly miss + I still marvel at all the (seemingly) effortless effort you put into it.
I'm 50 this year also and feel certain resonances/vibrations from your musings that perhaps this landmark age brings. I'm trying to err on the positive side and talk of "mid-life opportunities", so whatever works for you be it Harley D, glamorous assistant or longtime-nascent-unrealized music project (my choice);
Good Luck to ya! X

vacation pics and scribbles


11 years ago

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